Apartment comes in different shapes and sizes. In order to make an apartment your own, you will need to decorate it in a style that expresses your own personality. There are hundreds of ideas to help you explore what best fits your style. Below are several books on tips on how to decorate your apartment.

1. How to Decorate and Furnish Your Apartment on a Budget

How to Decorate and Furnsih Your Apartment

How to Decorate and Furnish Your Apartment on a Budget by author Lourdes Dunkes shows you how you can decorate your apartment without spending a lot of money. It shows you how to use already owned items to give your place a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It also tells you of places to go to get the best deals when furnishing your apartment. With all the practical tips in this book, you are sure to wow all your visitors. For more info click How to Decorate and Furnish Your Apartment on a Budget or image.

2. Studio Apartments

Studio Apartments

The Author James Trulove shows you how to decorate small apartments. The book has photos and over twenty studio designs fewer than 800 square feet. The author gives you solutions on how to decorate problem architectural spaces to help with kitchens, sleeping alcoves, entertainment areas, dressing areas and appealing baths. For more info click Studio Apartments or image.

3. The Apartment Book

The Apartment Book

In The Apartment Book: Smart Decorating Spaces for Large and Small, Carol Spier shows that with a little imagination, you can turn any apartment into a lovely space with lots of personality. The book features 300 photos and 12 floor plans. It also show a bedroom that doubles as a workspace. It gives solutions for exposed pipes and how to deal with a small kitchen. To learn more about this book click The Apartment Book or image.

4. Decorating Your First Apartment

Decorating Your First Apartment

Decorating Your First Apartment: From Moving In to Making It Your own author Paige Gilchrist show how you can spruce up any living space. This is the perfect book for the first time apartment renter. This book is ideal for ages 40 and under. The book also feature plenty of photos that some books don’t offer. For more info click Decorating Your First Apartment or image.