Designing a kitchen with limited space is easy and will not cost that much if planned very well. And although you may think that nothing much can be done on small spaces, planning a good kitchen layout will result to a functional, roomy, and charming space.
Use your creativity and you will surely come up with ideas that will allow you to have extra space in your Apartment kitchen. Below are tips that will be helpful for maximizing space and smartening up your kitchen:

• Choose smaller items

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To free up some space in your small apartment kitchen, as much as possible, everything that you will put in the room must be small too. Bulky appliances and furnishings will only take up a lot of space so you must avoid them. Instead, choose slim appliances, cabinets, and storages. The Magic Chef .9 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave is perfect for that small space. These will give you more space while also getting the functions that you need. For information on the Microwave click Magic Chef .9 Cu Ft Countertop Microwave or image.

• Lighter colors is best

For paints, darker shades tend to make a space appear smaller than they really are. Thereby, you must go for lighter paint colors for your apartment kitchen walls, ceiling, countertops, and cabinets.
Lighter shades have a way of visually expanding the room, making it look spacious and airy even if the area is really cramped. Light colored kitchens look livelier too.

• Function vs. style

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Of course, a small apartment kitchen will not allow you to put in many appliances and furniture. This means that though there is a very pretty table that you would like to add in the room, you can’t do so if it is too big.
It would be wise to pick only the items that can serve an important function. For instance, you can choose a simple table that can serve as a breakfast and working table. A foldable or pull-out table is also a good option. A small kitchen cart such as the Lipper International Bamboo Kitchen Trolly will make a nice piece of furniture without taking up a lot of space. By adding this, you don’t just beautify your small apartment kitchen but more space is created too. To purchase click Lipper International Bamboo Kitchen Trolly or image.

Finally, rather than putting in more cabinets for storage, racks made from wrought iron or study wood would add more flair and free up more space. You can simply hang up pans, cooking utensils, and pots in these racks. This idea would also make the items easier to locate and store.