Apartments are usually small so the rooms in it have limited spaces. In this case, the apartment bathroom needs a bit more attention to decorate because that area is likely to be the smallest in the apartment house.

The good thing is, there are lots of ideas to decorate a small bathroom and make it look nice. You can also make it appear wider by decorating properly. First of all, you must think of a theme or color scheme so it will be easier to come up with a plan for beautifying that space.

Once you have decided on theme, you can apply these simple tricks and tips for decorating an apartment bathroom with limited space.

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      1. Wall art – decorate bathroom with wall art but don’t overdo it. This means, you can hang artworks on the walls but keep it to minimum. Placing a lot of wall decors will just overwhelm the small room so stick to just one to three items.The Seashell Wall Hooks make a nice decor, not only is it used to decorate the bathroom it also serve a purpose to be used to hold towels or other items. To learn more about this item click Seashell Wall Hooks or image.


    1. Mirrors – this is the best item that you can add in the bathroom to create an illusion of a wider space. Choosing an elegant mirror will also add more style to the bathroom.


3. Paint – lighter paint color is the best choice for small rooms. And, if you want
to use wallpapers, avoid the ones with heavy patterns. Just like the
darker wall paints, it will only make the bathroom feel more restricted.


4. Lighting – a brightly lit bathroom will always give a roomy feeling. Apart from affixing proper lighting fixtures, get more illumination by not covering the windows or pick a window treatment that will not block the natural light. A dimly lighted room will be dull and feel smaller.

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5. Ornaments – for the final touches, add accessories that will go well with the bathroom color or theme. For instance, add towel racks that match the design or color of the toilet paper holder, soap dish, and toothbrush holder. Place a matching rug, shower curtain, and towels for a polished finish. The Crystal Clear Alexandria four piece bath set is a nice accessory to any bathroom. To learn more click Crystal Clear Alexandria or image.

To conclude, the best way to decorate a small bathroom is to keep it simple. By careful planning and choosing the right fixtures, you will end up with a spacious looking, functional, and attractive bathroom.