Below Decorating an apartment can be a fun and exciting task for anyone looking to create a comfortable atmosphere. Choosing the right d├ęcor can make your apartment cozy. The right colors and the amount of furniture in the room is an important thing to take into consideration when planning the layout. Below are three apartment decorating photos that are sure to appeal to your taste.

This photo features a two piece white sectional. It is accented with purple accessories. The purple curtains bring the living room together. The purple rug match the curtains which makes the room complete. This is a contemporary set. This is the perfect setup for any apartment.

This apartment decorating photo features a cozy living room with its warms rustic look. The colors are warm and inviting. The picture on the wall brings the living room together with the colorful landscape. The colors in the picture match the colors in the room. The plants give the room a warm feeling. The cocktail table helps to give the room its rustic look.

This photo features an contemporary apartment living room with a white sectional and glass cocktail table. The burnt orange beige and pillows on the couch add warmth to the area. On the other side of the room is a contemporary dining room with its table and chairs. The beige and orange color gives the room a warm feeling. The hardwood floors opens the room up which makes it look bigger.